El Metido

El Metido

Feature Documentary


Meet German Cabrera, a man obsessed with recording the violent crime that pervades the streets of Guatemala City. His obsession places him in the line of fire in one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The passion with which German pursues his quest to expose the violence of his city raises questions about the ethical boundaries of journalism in a state where victims of violent crime can rarely expect justice. He operates outside the law, without getting paid. He drives a squad car but isn’t a policeman, he investigates crime scenes but isn’t a detective.

His relentless pursuit of what he calls justice has earned him the moniker ‘El Metido’, ‘The Meddler.’ But even The Meddler himself isn’t immune to the pervasive violence of the city. It has seeped into his family life, creating cracks through which we see a character far more complex and less heroic than his rhetoric. When his father is charged for a serious crime in Nicaragua, German travels there to investigate his innocence and has to deal with the complexities of justice closer to home.

Festivals & Awards

Melbourne International Film Festival, Official Selection

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Alex Roberts, Daniel Leclair


Rodrigo Balart, Alex Roberts


Alex Roberts, Amy Dymond, Darren Hauck, Daniel Leclair

Executive Producers

Rob Galluzzo, Corey Esse, Michael Hilliard, Camilla Mazzaferro

Development Producer

Luke Mazzaferro


Darren Hauck, Daniel Leclair


Rodrigo Balart


Stephen Rae

documentary, crime, real people, South America